Chutney Chang

Forging a new path for food aficionados

Three Quarter Chinese, as the name suggests, is three fourths Chinese cuisine and one quarter Indian – seafood, grilled and veggie specials.

Chutney Chang boasts of a diaspora cuisine - adapted by our Indian chef, Harshal Rajurkar - for Indian palates and slowly filtered through our guests’ choices and of course years of experience and servings.

Instead of a characteristic sweet, sticky and bland Chinese taste, he and his team dish out a modern, creative and delicious cuisine which leaves you wanting more each time you visit Chutney Chang..

Every day is a day of specials. Different varieties of noodles and fried rice are served and you would probably have to dine out almost every day to savour the flavor!.

One day, it is Hunan style and the next day it would have the Szechuan touch. Incidentally Hunan dishes use the seeds and membranes of chili peppers and Szechuan dishes use a chili bean paste – this makes Hunan foods hotter and our guests just love it.

Sea-food dishes are a crowd puller. Here again, prawns and seer fish dishes are served with aromas of spices gently floating in. Seasoned, marinated and flavored with secret sauces (either chilly, herbs, oyster, plum or hoisin), the taste is just out of this world.

At the live counter you can choose your own battered, stuffed prawns or fish or chicken or mutton and for the vegetarian lover, an assorted variety of vegetables lashed with butter, salt, pepper and warming Chinese five-spice powder to create your own dish of your own special choice. Placed on a hot tawa, our sous chef cooks it for you in a few tantalizing minutes and serves it piping hot – all specially created for you.

And, if you need a break – there is the chaat counter is where you can hang out with friends and relish the piquant and tangy taste of bhel puri or dahi puri and pani puri – all served in a clean and hygienic style.

Added to this endless course, you can have your appam or dosa right off the tawa at another live counter where you have a wide selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian side-dishes that have the traditional potato masala along with innovative mixtures of kheema or egg stew topped with wallops of pickles.

Finally comes the sweet spot of desserts. Apart from the aesthetically displayed pastries and ice creams with ingenious toppings, is thetawa mithai counter where you can pick yourgulab jamun or kala jamunor moong dal or carrot halwa and have our dessert chef toss it on the tawa with rabdi and serve it on a plate just for you

And, if you feel that you have chomped, munched and chewed enough to last you for a lifetime, just ask for some Chinese green tea with a touch of jasmine to wash it all down.

Our Buffet Spread


1 veg

1N veg


7 Recipes


5 veg

4N veg


6 veg

2N veg


1 veg

1N veg

Tawa Specials

1 veg

1N veg

Main Course

6 veg

4N veg

Rice & Noodles

4 veg

3N veg


10 Recipes

Coastal Special

1 Recipes

Arabic Special

1N veg


8 Recipes

Ice creams

3 Flavours

Our Buffet Price and timing

Monday to Thursday
₹ 615for Lunch & ₹ 700for Dinner

Friday,Saturday,Sunday & Public holidays

₹ 700for Lunch & ₹ 750for Dinner

Lunch:12:00PM to 4:00 PM Dinner:7:00PM to 11:00 PM

Tax and service charges are applicable