Chutney Chang

Chutney Chang’s All-You-Can-Eat extravaganza

Laying out a buffet is an art by itself and we, at Chutney Chang, are proud to say we have consummately perfected the art for the gourmand as well as a simple food lover.

Our signature wide variety of buffet selections will take you to unknown corners of India and China to get a taste of the local flavor from regionally inspired specials perfected through the years.

Doesn’t really matter whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, whether you love Indian or prefer Chinese food or an exotically flavored fusion of these two - there is always something to tantalize your taste buds and your preferences.

Chutney Change serves the longest and most sumptuous buffet in Bangalore with a spread of more than 55 items. It is an endless feast where you begin with zesty soups and bite into the captivating hot starters.

If you are not yet ready for main course, just stop at the chaat counter where piquant, spicy flavors of bhel puri and dhai puri come softly drifting towards you.

Enjoy a bit from different varieties of chaats, catch up with pals and get ready for the main course. That sure will take you on a culinary spin. It’s impossible to taste all and impossible to pass on too. You would love to savor the dazzlingly sinful display of freshly-made gourmet pastries and custom-created ice-creams. But there’s only so much a stomach can take.

The Tawa Seer Fish and Kachhi Ghosht ki Biriyani, nestling amidst an endless array of prawn, chicken and meat dishes, are literally revered by the non-vegetarians. They rank high in popularity along with the perpetually best-selling marinated and grilled dishes.

So is Cauliflower Tai Pei, Zaffrani Paneer Tikka and Pan Fried Chinese Greens - the most sought-after dishes for the vegetarian.

Its casual yet luxurious atmosphere makes it a favorite haunt for everyone - a couple of friends meeting for lunch/ dinner, corporate get-togethers or family parties.

There aren’t many buffets in Bangalore that are as scrumptious and splendid as Chutney Chang that can boast of an exotic spread that is as opulent and marvellous.

All dishes are changed regularly. A different spread every time.

Chutney Chang currently there are two branches in Bangalore – one at Museum Road and the other at Jayanagar.

Our Buffet Spread


1 veg

1N veg


1 veg

1N veg


11 Recipes


4 veg

4N veg


1 veg

1N veg

Main Course

6 veg

4N veg

Rice & Noodles

4 veg

1N veg


19 Flavours

Ice creams

4 Flavours

Our Buffet Price and timing

Monday to Thursday
₹ 671for Lunch & ₹ 748for Dinner

Friday,Saturday,Sunday & Public holidays

₹ 770for Lunch & ₹ 816for Dinner

Lunch:12:00PM to 4:00 PM Dinner:7:00PM to 11:00 PM

Tax and service charges are applicable